One of the best things about going on holiday, away from home, is the chance to try new cuisine and treat yourself to some great food. In the villas, a professional private chef can be organised. A chat with the villa manager and chef the day before to choose your menu means you get food tailor-made for your group. Fresh seafood, Balinese traditional dishes, western favourites are all served up with the freshest, local produce. Some Balinese dishes include the delicious skewered grilled meat (satay) with a spicy sauce, Balinese style fried rice with the spicy sambal matah, and a great one for a special occasion is the Babi Guling, a whole pig spit roast. If you fancy learning how to cook Balinese food, then there are cooking schools in the major resort areas to help you on your cooking journey.

Dining around Bali is a delight as there are so many options from first-class hotel restaurants to stylish international restaurants and cute cafes to the basic, home-style cooking at the warungs. Prices for the quality of food you get tend to be much cheaper than you pay at home, so it’s the perfect place to spoil yourself.  Many of the restaurants serve fabulous food in beautifully decorated spaces with amazing views of the sea, across the mountains or into the forest.